Here are all the tips and reviews I’ve written on slimming and how to lose weight fast in Singapore. From aesthetic treatments to dieting, I’ve tried a crazy variety of ways to lose weight. Some work, some don’t, some require too much work. Check them all out here.

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Burn fats burn!

My post natal massage slimming treatment at Nouri Face and Body Concepts has helped shape me back and helped me lose 8kg out of 11kg that I put on during pregnancy. I look fine now but I still have some flab to go. I can fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes now but I think I can still look better. Since I am still on maternity leave and my helper is super good at taking care of Daniel, I’ve been sneaking…

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5 Tips To Survive CNY

Chinese New Year is round the corner but with all the feasting that is to come, we’re all so going to get fat!! Before you indulge, and I really try not to spoil the fun here, do check out how many calories there are in popular CNY goodies. But don’t worry! I got you covered. Here are 5 tips on how to survive this year’s CNY without gaining too much weight! #1: Don’t go visiting on an empty stomach!  For…

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My Post Natal Slimming Treatment

In my last post about my confinement, I mentioned about how I am grateful that I have decided to do my post natal slimming treatment with Valerie from Nouri Face & Body Concepts. I went to her for my prenatal massages and loved every session of it. I only wished I found her earlier. Since we hit it off and her massage is really the strong type, plus she was patient enough to explain why her post natal slimming treatment…

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Vitamagra: All You Need To Know The Weight Management Drink

Following the launch of Vitamagra, a nutritional & weight management drink for everyone, I was given a tub of this powdered formula to bring home with me to try. Here’s sharing my Vitamagra review.

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How Healthy Are Singaporeans’ Lifestyles?

At Vitamangra’s recent launch in Singapore, I attended their event where they shared important facts about health of Singaporeans. Did you know that the percentage of Singaporeans who exceed their daily caloric intake is as high as 60%? And that those who exceed their recommended daily salt intake is as high as 80%?!

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Toning My Arms: Part 3 of 3

So in my journey of trying out the Exilis arm toning treatment, Treatment at Prive Clinic, this is the concluding post. My wedding is right round the corner and like any bride-to-be, I’m trying to slim down and look as good as possible for my wedding day!

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Toning My Arms: Part 2 of 3

Have you read about my race to tone my arms before I get married by going for the Exilis Elite Body Treatment at Prive Clinic? Here’s an update on how that’s going for me. I am quite convinced Exilis Elite Body Treatment is perfect to help me meet my goals. See, exercise burns fat, gradually. Bad diet habits add fat, gradually. What I needed was an immediate way to burn the fat off ASAP and tighten the skin where the fat…

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Toning My Arms: Part 1 of 3

It’s been awhile since I was last back at Prive Clinic by Dr Karen Soh. I got a little liquid facelift done the last time I was there. Been very happy since! There has been some big changes at Prive Clinic since I was last there. They moved from One Raffles Place to the new Palais Renaissance at Orchard and now have a spanking new office! :) The new outlet is very new and comfortable. :) Anyhoo, I was busy…

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