Here are all the tips and reviews I’ve written on slimming and how to lose weight fast in Singapore. From aesthetic treatments to dieting, I’ve tried a crazy variety of ways to lose weight. Some work, some don’t, some require too much work. Check them all out here.

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SkinnyMint Review – Fad or Fab?

Oh yes, I’m on the SkinnyMint detox too! If you’re wondering if this tea really works or is just another fad, well, read this SkinnyMint review! Detox programs are all the rage now and my colleagues and I are like super into detox recently. Some of us at the office has opted to go for the 3 day juice detox (whereby all you drink are 5 bottles of juice every day for 3 days), while some of us, including me,…

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I lost 19cm post-pregnancy with BottomSlim

This is not the usual run of the mill review of a one time trial at a slimming center. I’ve done those before. This is an honest review of my experience at BottomSlim after undergoing more than 15 hours of treatments spread over 10 visits completed within 1 month. This was much earlier this year and I thought I’ll share my experience I had with them. BottomSlim is the first and only slimming salon in Singapore that focuses exclusively on…

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Do Slimming Body Wraps Like These Work?

I may change my mind about a lot of things but one thing constant about me is my never ending pursuit for knowledge and experience in beauty. In beauty comes weight loss and if you look through my blog, you’ll see heaps of articles on weight loss methods. From taking fat freezing, to exercising, taking medication to slimming body wrap, I’ve tried it all. Related: I tried fat freezing treatment – Lipo Freeze! This time around, I’m checking out Suddenly Slender’s…

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LipoCryo Fat Reduction: Freezed the fats away from my thighs!

Have you read my previous post on the LipoCryo Fat Reduction Treatment on my arms at Celevenus? The whole concept of freezing fat cells away without doing anything is soooooo addictive. So addictive that I went back again, this time around to freeze the fats away from the back of my upper thighs.

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LipoCryo Fat FreezingTreatment at Celevenus

I need a targeted treatment that will reduce inches off my arms!! One of my biggest problem areas that I’ve always been dissatisfied about are my arms. They are flabby and really rather large. :( See this horrendous photo of my arms when I was pregnant. 

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Post Natal Slimming Treatment at dorra

Who else here is battling lower body weight problems? I know I am! Women tend to put on inches on their lower body more easily than men because of the higher estrogen levels in their body and the fat cells there which are more prone to fat storage for childbearing purposes. I don’t know about you but I always put on weight in my tummy first. And those fat cells that are in my butt and thigh areas are like…

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Check Out This Targeted Fat Loss Treatment For Tummy and Butt

1 month post-partum and understandably, I am trying to still come to terms with my new body. A mom body that’s flabby and loose everywhere. I recently went for Liposonix treatment for some help with fat and inch loss around my tummy area.

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This Is Exactly How Thermalift Treatment’s Like

I recently went to Lush Aesthetics for their Thermalift Treatment to seek help for my saggy post natal tummy that has heaps of stretch marks all over it. Read about it here. So I went for my first ThermaLift treatment the other day. I am really hoping my little new-found pouch can disappear! :(

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