Here are all the tips and reviews I’ve written on slimming and how to lose weight fast in Singapore. From aesthetic treatments to dieting, I’ve tried a crazy variety of ways to lose weight. Some work, some don’t, some require too much work. Check them all out here.

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Zeltiq CoolSculpting Review at Halley Medical Aesthetics

Fat freezing needs no introduction in my opinion. It’s a widely popular treatment worldwide and in Singapore. And it’s hard to not LOVE it. But did you know there are many “brands” that claim to do fat freezing? Here’s a Zeltiq CoolSculpting review! I have tried many versions of fat freezing in recent years but none of them really compares to the Zeltiq CoolSculpting that I did at Halley Medical Aesthetics recently. I’ll explain why later. A few years back this technology…

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Allure Review: Hydra-Slim Treatment

Some time back, I went to Allure Beauty Saloon at City Square Mall to review their newly launched slimming treatment called Hydra-Slim Body Treatment. Allure promises that you can achieve the AFTER results of a 200 sit ups session with this specialised targeted body treatment from Japan. It focuses on your area concerns and works to tone and firm up troubled spots. It’s been about 1.5 years since I gave birth but I still have this little post-pregnancy pouch which REALLY…

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Treatments At BottomSlim

Have you read my previous post on my results after 10 sessions with BottomSlim? Through those 10 sessions and the subsequent 10 other treatments I had with them, there were a variety of treatments that were done on me. Joanne, my consultant & therapist, was the one who monitored my progress and recommended my treatment plan accordingly. See the thing is, like most women who has given birth, I put on quite a fair bit of inches on my lower…

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Lipo Freeze in Singapore – Effective? Or Not?

There is this latest slimming treatment that allows you to kill off your fat cells in targeted areas of your body. While there are many brands out there that come in a variety of names, I tried the one offered by Suddenly Slender. Here’s my reveiw of Lipo Freeze in SG. They have a in-house nutritionist and a diet plan (will blog about this soon), they have the usual machine treatments that help to break down fat cells and trim…

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SkinnyMint Review – Fad or Fab?

Oh yes, I’m on the SkinnyMint detox too! If you’re wondering if this tea really works or is just another fad, well, read this SkinnyMint review! Detox programs are all the rage now and my colleagues and I are like super into detox recently. Some of us at the office has opted to go for the 3 day juice detox (whereby all you drink are 5 bottles of juice every day for 3 days), while some of us, including me,…

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