Riots in Little India – Singapore

Oh my goodness! Can you believe this is happening right now in Singapore! A riot in Singapore’s Little India. Overturned police cars, fires, riots, fights… wow! Today may change Singapore‬ forever! Check out this video someone posted on Facebook. Apparently a bus hit an indian man and the crowd got angry. I doubt it’s that simple. The videos look scary! At least three busloads of police officers in riot gear responded to a riot that broke out along Race Course Road around…

View Post – Savings in Singapore

Advertorial Remember the days of clipping coupons off newspapers? I still do it but on! They have coupons that’ll save you a bundle the next time you’re buying anything online for stuff in Singapore! For example, I was shopping for Melissa Shoes on recently and it was lucky I went to to have a look see first because I saved 15% with their Zalora Coupon! Plus, all their coupons are FREE!! SAVINGS OF: S$34.50!!! And the next…

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10 Important Interview Questions To Ask A Potential Maid

Interviewing a maid is probably the most important step of your hunt for the right helper. Through an interview, you will be able to determine if your potential helper can communicate well with you, whether she has the right mindset to work here away from home, as well as whether she is a good fit for your family. Now that we are expecting a new addition to our small family soon, we have considered so many infant care options and…

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Introducing #Pancakes – My New Holland Lop Friend

It’s pretty surreal. I turn a year older every year on 30th October and this year it was pretty special. Because….. the husband and two awesome friends joined forces and gifted me with an angel! I know I know, giving a pet as a present is bad. Buying is bad as well but since Pancakes is already with me and mine to take care from here on, let’s just make the best out of it. Where possible, I am a…

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MFP in November

Come November, look forward to articles such as interesting how-to videos on crayon hair and how to apply makeup in a moving vehicle. Expect the usual juicy articles on highlighting celebrities’ imperfections, sushi and bento articles and more coverage on food and dogs! Read: Facebook Ice-Cream Read: How To Get Your Dog To Love His Costume Read: How To Make An ‘Instagram Cake’ Remember to check MFP out daily! 🙂 

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