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My Post Natal Weight Loss Journey

Today I am 11 weeks post natal, time to talk about my post natal weight loss journey. It’s been really awesome past 11 weeks. From a world of just the husband and I, we have welcomed baby Daniel into our lives. Suddenly we have baby coughing, cooing, sneezing and crying sounds in the house. And suddenly, Peter and I found ourselves with more room in our hearts to love our child. More than we ever thought we could love another…

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My Post Natal Slimming Treatment

In my last post about my confinement, I mentioned about how I am grateful that I have decided to do my post natal slimming treatment with Valerie from Nouri Face & Body Concepts. I went to her for my prenatal massages and loved every session of it. I only wished I found her earlier. Since we hit it off and her massage is really the strong type, plus she was patient enough to explain why her post natal slimming treatment…

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My Chinese Confinement in Singapore

Hello everybody. Thank goodness for internet otherwise I might really go crazy at home. So this is the recovery time after childbirth. I’m at home doing my chinese confinement in Singapore. Baby Daniel is doing well and it’s nerve-wrecking as first time parents. I got the hang of carrying a newborn and breastfeeding relatively well. Baby Daniel is very cooperative and smart which helped in the whole breastfeeding process which can be quite stressful for a lot of people. Read also:…

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Sneaks of #ProjectNursery

We’re still in the midst of deciding how to place the furniture but the walls are all beautifully done! :) I’ve also prepared all the needed baby stuff! :) #1: Nursing Corner This is an idea that we’re toying with. Having a cozy corner for nursing. I love the mini side table that features all the Mustela Post Partum Body Care that I’ll be needing. Oh the little moose is this super cute LED night light that you can find…

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Prenatal Body Massage at Nouri Face & Body Concepts

I was talking to my friend the other day, Jessie about how she copes with her third trimester pains and aches, and she recommended I check out Nouri Face & Body Concepts for the prenatal body massage she has been going for. Prenatal body massages? REALLY? I didn’t even know there were prenatal massage services! I have gone to my usual foot reflexology place and they said no to me when I am pregnant! So I kinda just assumed no…

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Maternity Bras from Spring Maternity

It has come to a point where my previous bras doesn’t fit anymore. And I was too silly to buy bras with wires in them before as my maternity bras. If you didn’t already know, nursing and maturity bras must all have NO wires as it will restrict the flow of breastmilk. And besides, maybe the sizes are too small for me or something, but the wires leave red marks on my body :( I went to Spring Maternity and…

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Work Pants from Spring Maternity

Featuring work pants that I got from Spring Maternity! Loving how stretchy and comfortable it is over my ginormous bump! I am starting to see why people who aren’t pregnant but still go back to Spring Maternity for their clothes. All the clothes are easily adjustable, and very flexible. You could grow/shrink a few sizes throughout pregnancy and the same thing you buy from Spring Maternity always seems to fit still. Bottom: Straight Andria Pants Navy $69.90, Spring Maternity Shoes: Women’s Crocs Cobbler…

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