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Yes, the belly is growing quickly, time to fight stretch marks!

This time around, I am totally embracing my growing belly and am determined to look and feel my best during these 9 short and precious months. With a baby bump in the foreseeable future, I am not taking any chances with the stretch marks that’s going to come my way.  Here’s how I fight stretch marks! (Week 23) It is a fact that most women will have stretch marks whether from rapid weight gain or from pregnancy because of the considerable…

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My Post Natal Weight Loss Journey

Today I am 11 weeks post natal, time to talk about my post natal weight loss journey. It’s been really awesome past 11 weeks. From a world of just the husband and I, we have welcomed baby Daniel into our lives. Suddenly we have baby coughing, cooing, sneezing and crying sounds in the house. And suddenly, Peter and I found ourselves with more room in our hearts to love our child. More than we ever thought we could love another…

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My Post Natal Slimming Treatment

In my last post about my confinement, I mentioned about how I am grateful that I have decided to do my post natal slimming treatment with Valerie from Nouri Face & Body Concepts. I went to her for my prenatal massages and loved every session of it. I only wished I found her earlier. Since we hit it off and her massage is really the strong type, plus she was patient enough to explain why her post natal slimming treatment…

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My Chinese Confinement in Singapore

Hello everybody. Thank goodness for internet otherwise I might really go crazy at home. So this is the recovery time after childbirth. I’m at home doing my chinese confinement in Singapore. Baby Daniel is doing well and it’s nerve-wrecking as first time parents. I got the hang of carrying a newborn and breastfeeding relatively well. Baby Daniel is very cooperative and smart which helped in the whole breastfeeding process which can be quite stressful for a lot of people. Read also:…

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