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Introducing #ProjectNursery

Prettttttyyyy self explanatory blogpost. Just wanted to do a short shoutout on exciting things to come. My nesting instinct has led me to start Project Nursery, hashtagged #ProjectNursery. I’ll be documenting ideas and inspirations and of course, my humble journey of building Baby Bean’s upcoming new room. We are lucky to have a spare room entirely for the baby in space-constrained Singapore. It’s going to be SO MUCH FUN. I’ll prolly drive the husband up the wall cos those nesting…

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Where to buy Maternity Bras

Right in the first trimester of my pregnancy, my breasts already started growing. The bras I currently have are getting increasingly uncomfortable, so I started looking for where to buy maternity bras. I did not rush out to get more appropriately sized bras because I was wondering if the size will fluctuate anymore. That’s until I read the part where the Baby Book said the size at the end of the first trimester will more or less be stable and…

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Something to note when buying a baby carrier

My friend recommends getting a baby carrier over a pram. She says that it’s so much more convenient for her to just tie the baby to herself and walk “handsfree”. She gets on and off public transport a whole lot faster too. It lets her keep her baby close while getting other chores done. My mother in law, however, feels that a baby carrier in Singapore’s weather is inappropriate. Primary reason being that it’s overly humid here and temperatures are…

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Constipation During Pregnancy

Alot of women experience constipation during pregnancy. I tried a lot of ways to help alleviate this but I didn’t find anything that really helped until recently! :) Here’s are some tips that may help you alleviate constipation during pregnancy! See I tried: Eating more than 1 fresh fruit a day Eating a lot of fresh vegetables Drinking a lot of water (water & pure fruit juice) Drinking a whole glass of red dragonfruit juice & eating the fruit itself…

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Things you need to do in the first trimester

Overwhelmed when you’re pregnant? I sure was! We are first time parents and there was so much that we knew we had to research on, buy, decisions to make, etc. Fret not, here’s a guide to things you need to do in the first trimester. Friends and family who mean well will excitedly bombard you with questions and advice. A friend of mine even started asking me things like are you going to latch or pump milk? Are you going to…

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