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Recommended Pregnancy Book: What to expect from conception to birth

Pregnancy is a exciting and remarkable stage of your life that involves many changes and invokes many questions. It is one of the best times in your life to get yourself a guidebook (or two!) to guide you along the way. Here’s a recommended pregnancy book to check out. After my awesome colleague knew I was preggars, she went out immediately and got me a recommended pregnancy book that she felt helped her a lot during her pregnancy. The book…

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Prenatal Pilates at Pilates Fitness

Pregnant as I am, but I know I need to get my ass up and start exercising. I checked out some prenatal exercises that I could participate in and decided on trying out Prenatal Pilates. I have fitness goals like increasing my metabolism, flexibility and strength that I want to achieve but haven’t been able to because I didn’t know where I could go or do besides swimming. And swimming was getting a bit boring for me, so Prenatal Pilates…

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Baby Bump: Week 12 Pregnancy Update

End of Trimester #1! Time a week 12 pregnancy update. Damn my tummy still looks awesome. I am super not looking forward to being so huge : (

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Baby Scan: Week 10 – Dr Benjamin Tham at Thomson Medical Centre

After our last meetup with our previous gynae, Dr Wee, we decided to look around and see if there are other gynaes we could probably go with. We wanted to find someone we were 100% comfortable with. Personally, it doesn’t matter if it’s a male or a female doctor. I’m cool with both. Meeting Dr Benjamin Tham was like a breadth of fresh air. He didn’t look very “modern” on his website here but he turned out to be everything…

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Safari Jungle Themed Nursery

#ProjectNursery is back! I spent the whole day on pinterest gathering all these inspirations. So excited to firm something up ASAP so that we can start on it already! Here’s one interesting one we got so far for our Baby. :) The Safari Jungle theme. Let’s see what we have! 1) Hanging Mobile: Safari Themed 2) Brown Curtains (which are already existing in my room) 3) White Baby Cot 4) Safari Themed Bedding Set 5) Changing Table 6) A Giant…

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