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Baby Bump: Week 24 Pregnancy Update

I go to Dr Tham, my gynae, once a month. So from my Week 12, Week 16, Week 21 and now Week 24 pregnancy update, time’s been flying by real quickly. My visit to Dr Tham this week was BAD. He announced that my crazy weight gain within a month is too much (4kg) and that I need to control my diet (because of my condition). I admit, I have been having too much carbs, and enjoying too many scoops…

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#LOTD Maternity Wear

Maternity LOTD update! Being pregnant makes me feel super huge all over :( I thought I could go through my entire pregnancy with my normal clothes (since most of my clothes aren’t that tight fitting), and I did go through my entire 1st Trimester without the need for extra clothes but now that I have gotten wayyyy bigger, I had to hunt for good quality maternity wear. Maternity wear that will last me through the rest of my pregnancy as…

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Bought our baby cot and I think we're ready!

So anyway the husband and I sat down one day and really gave a hard thought about what our baby really needs. I am a very practical person and I really don’t want to overbuy or buy things that only last a couple of months. Besides the fact that it’s a waste of money, I really wouldn’t know what I can do next with them if I don’t use them anymore! After a long discussion, here are the BIG TICKET…

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Products To Use During Pregnancy For Stretch Marks and Tired Feet

Everything changes when you are pregnant. Some more than others. Some have it better than others. Some not so much. The thing is, there will be change. The kind of products to use during pregnancy changes too.

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Wall Decal For #ProjectNursery

We have looked through, literally, HUNDREDS of wall decals for Bean’s Baby Room. We knew we wanted a safari theme to it and although that helped to narrow down our options by a fair bit, you wouldn’t believe how many different types, prices, and styles of “safari themed” decals out there in the internet! We looked through Qoo10, Etsy, all the local and international wall decal companies but we finally, finally found one that is truly original. In fact I…

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