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Something to note when buying a baby carrier

My friend recommends getting a baby carrier over a pram. She says that it’s so much more convenient for her to just tie the baby to herself and walk “handsfree”. She gets on and off public transport a whole lot faster too. It lets her keep her baby close while getting other chores done. My mother in law, however, feels that a baby carrier in Singapore’s weather is inappropriate. Primary reason being that it’s overly humid here and temperatures are…

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Constipation During Pregnancy

Alot of women experience constipation during pregnancy.I tried a lot of ways to help alleviate this but I didn’t find anything that really helped until recently! 🙂 See I tried: Eating more than 1 fresh fruit a day Eating a lot of fresh vegetables Drinking a lot of water (water & pure fruit juice) Drinking a whole glass of red dragonfruit juice & eating the fruit itself (this used to help me with constipation prior to pregnancy) It came to…

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Things you need to do in the first trimester

Overwhelmed when you’re pregnant? I sure was! We are first time parents and there was so much that we knew we had to research on, buy, decisions to make, etc. Friends and family who mean well will excitedly bombard you with questions and advice. A friend of mine even started asking me things like are you going to latch or pump milk? Are you going to send the baby to infant care or be a stay-at-home-mom or will there be someone…

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Dr. Wee Horng Yen – Gynae at Novena Medical Hospital

I recovered enough from my shock of being pregnant to google for recommended gynae / gynaecologists in Singapore. Preferably in the Novena area. My friends recommended Dr Benjamin Tham at Thomson Medical Centre (TMC), but he’s super busy and the next available appointment was in like… 2 weeks?! I think I would have gone insane wondering what to do in 2 weeks. I did more research and found a forum thread talking about Dr Wee Horng Yen at Novena Medical…

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A New Stage

I remember that day when I took the pregnancy test kit at home. I was really kinda dreading it. I missed my period, peeing a lot and had slight nausea. The husband really kinda forced me to take the test. He said “I’m quite sure you’re pregnant” but I don’t think he was mentally prepared for it all either then.

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