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Review: The Sound of Music in Singapore

The hills are alive with THE SOUND OF MUSIC… one the world’s best loved musicals is now showing in Singapore at the Mastercard Theatres @ Marina Bay Sands, till 3 December 2017. I watched the movie many times during my growing up years and know every song by heart. This was the first time I’m watching the musical and I loved it. It was heartwarming and the cast was outstanding! The Story THE SOUND OF MUSIC tells the uplifting true…

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Daniel learns Jolly Phonics at Curious Thoughts Academy

How’s everyone here! I had a reader tell me the other day that my last post about my kids was too long ago. Thank you for checking in on me. Life’s been super busy with 2 active young boys. Daniel for one, has been learning Jolly Phonics at Curious Thoughts Academy and I’ve been really proud of his progress. Read about the Jolly Phonics at Curious Thoughts Academy here. The Jolly Phonics framework taught at Curious Thoughts is offered by Victoria Charlton, a…

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Playing Outdoors With My Kids

Outdoor play for kids is a big part of healthy growth, learning and development for them. Last weekend, we took the kids out to the big grass field near home to fly a kite, and ride a bike. It was such good fun This was how I grew up back in Malaysia and now, because we live in Singapore without a garden, we don’t really bring the kids out for some outdoor fun often enough. Outdoor play for kids is…

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Remember You Before You Became A Mom

Raising kids, working, caring for your elderly parents, running a household, mothers pretty much have to do it all these days. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? In all this “doing”, there’s one thing that’s definitely not happening: Moms these days are so busy taking care of everyone else that they often neglect to take care of themselves. Read also: I make a better employee as a mom I juggle between a full-time job, running the household, and raising 2 young kids. My husband…

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Fedora L3 Stroller Review: Foldable & Reclines Fully!

I’ve had the Fedora L3 Stroller for about 6 months now and it’s high time I gave some airtime to our trusty go-to stroller. Fedora is not new to our family. We have the Fedora S7 Stroller which we love for its huge size and comfort. It’s great for long walks but not the most compact for travelling on public transport. But we really like the quality that the Fedora brand offers. We were looking forward to Fedora’s launch of their L3…

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