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It’s Not Just You. Mom Brain is a Thing and it is Frustrating.

There was a time in my life when I had a demanding job, did a part time Bachelor’s degree and pursued dance lessons all at the same time, but I never once forgot the multiple tasks that I had in my head. I could go to multiple back to back meetings without taking notes and still remember the details of everything better than the colleague who did.

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List of Character Appearances This June School Holidays in Singapore!

Here is a compiled list of FREE Character Appearance this June School Holidays 2018 in Singapore! Here’s where you can bring your kids to meet their favourite cartoon characters like Sesame Street, Paw Patrol, Incredibles 2, Mr Men and Little Miss, SpongeBob SquarePants, Nick Jr’s Power Squad, Robocar Poli, BabyShark, and Dinosaur Train!!

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Why Mothers Are Often Tired But Choose To Stay Up Late Anyway

Whether you’re a fellow tired mom reading this (hello there!) or a husband who wonders why the mother of your kids is always tired but stays up late into the night, you’ve come to the right place. I’m sure I am not the only mother out there who needs more sleep than they get but will sometimes choose to stay up late anyway.

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Swimming Classes For Kids: The Most Important Things You Need To Know

Both my kids are now attending swimming classes for kids at Aquabambinos (read my in depth review of them here.) I’ve since gotten quite a few questions from readers on this topic so I decided to share some information for parents who are interested in sending their kids for swimming classes here to benefit more people! Plus, I also have a 50% discount code at the end of this post!

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Sometimes The Goal Is Just To Keep Your Kids Alive

My son is 5 this year. He understands us and he knows what we expect from him. Sometimes he is an angel and does exactly everything he is told to. But most times, like today when he simply refuses to take instructions, I wonder where I went wrong as a parent. Am I doing this whole motherhood thing the best way possible?

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