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My very first hair perm!

As you read this, I will be tucked away in a hair salon and changing my life. I have long straight hair. Today I will be going to perm it into curls. Big fat curls. Oh my god I’m so nervous. Will it turn out okay? Will it be messy? Will I cry at the horror of the outcome? Will she cut too much of my hair and then cause my heart to stop? Will my hair look like a…

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Movie Review – Definitely, Maybe

I read somewhere that this was the male-version of a chick flick. That sold me! I wanted to watch the show ever since I heard it was that! Well, I was really eager to see what an erm, cockmale-flick (?!?) would turn out to be! So I went in there assuming nothing, expecting nothing, ok fine, I was expecting romance and all that shit. It was a mistake. First off, what’s this show about? Will Hayes is forced to re-examine…

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