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That DID NOT just happen!!

Or it friggin’ did! Civil Servants in the Public Sector have this personality trait that frustrates I got to tell you about my yesterday!! I went to submit a marketing and advertising proposal that my team and I have worked on. I arrived at this mailbox that I am supposed to put my package in. My package is 15cm thick and A3 sized. It couldnt go into the mailbox. Too thick. Fine. I call for help. Guy in charge of…

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Another Episode at the Agency

Thing in discussion: An image that shows the skyline of Singapore and some water. On the water, the original image didn’t have any sea sports going on, but the client requested so we did some DI to it and viola! Water sports! Canoeing, Surfing, boating, etc. This image has since been approved but today, I received this in the email: “As spoken, boat is ok altho’ I’d prefer boats to be moving in different directions. Now all seem to be…

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The New Me

Happy Birthday to Meself! I thought I shall “celebrate” by posting a picture of me with my new hair!! :D I am not equipped with any photo editing application here (damn my mom’s very basic laptop!) so… it makes me a bit nervous that I am not able to even adjust the brightness and contrast. Here’s a preview, my dear friends. The back of it is super messy! Sigh…………………………….. The front’s not too bad ya? It costed me RM250 leh!…

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The outcome!

No I am not posting an image – yet. I am trying very hard to get used to having curly hair. When I was done with the whole perming process, I was honestly quite unhappy with my hair! Sigh! This being the first time I ever permed my hair, I was quite worried about the outcome to say the least. It didn’t help of course to have this poster of this super pretty korean girl with LONG, STRAIGHT, rebonded hair.…

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My very first hair perm!

As you read this, I will be tucked away in a hair salon and changing my life. I have long straight hair. Today I will be going to perm it into curls. Big fat curls. Oh my god I’m so nervous. Will it turn out okay? Will it be messy? Will I cry at the horror of the outcome? Will she cut too much of my hair and then cause my heart to stop? Will my hair look like a…

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