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Vanquish Me at The DRx Clinic Singapore

If you’ve been following all my slimming posts, you’ll know that I’m always on an on-going, always-on healthy eating, body contouring, weight loss, fat loss program. I’m 8 months post pregnancy now, and finally I feel like I’m back to what I was before. This is with many thanks to my doctor at The DRx Clinic, Dr Hui Yun, for recommending that I try Vanquish ME™. This fat reduction and body contouring treatment ain’t cheap but it definitely is an effective way to…

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My Favourite Shortcut to Fat Loss

I’m on a mission to reduce my double chin. The fats that has gathered there over the years are getting to me. Who wants a shortcut to fat loss? Or is it weight loss? People seem to use these terms interchangeably. But did you know weight loss and fat loss are not the same? See, 2 persons with the similar height can weigh the same but look completely different because one has more fat deposits than the other and it…

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Check Out My Make Up Haul at Sephora

Sephora needs no introduction. I’m a big big fan of Sephora, always popping by their retail outlets as well as every now and then to check out the latest trending make up product. It’s addictive! Never one to miss a single Sephora sale, I did get a good haul at the recent Sephora members’ sale and I thought I should share my make up haul at Sephora and a review on all that I bought! This time around, I decided to stock up…

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Getting Rid of My Double Chin!

I mean like, who wants a double chin right! I was back at my usual aesthetics clinic, Halley Medical Aesthetics, and Dr Terence Tan told me about the new CoolMini by Zeltiq treatment. It freezes all the fat away in the underchin area. Halley Medical Aesthetics has recently moved to their super nice and new outlet at Orchard Gateway and it’s so easy for me to pop by now. I am very happy with the CoolSculpting treatment I did before with Dr…

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I Took The Plunge & Got A Full Face Ultherapy Treatment.

I recently gave ULTHERAPY Skin Tightening Treatment a go because if I was serious about treating the post natal sagging skin, Ultherapy followed by fillers and botox is my way to go. And excited I definitely was. This is the same treatment that Hollywood Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian has been raving about. Non-invasive, no downtime, and done in under an hour – what’s not to like about the treatment? I just had my Ultherapy Skin Tightening Treatment done at Halley…

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