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Exclusive $50 hamper from L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics!

Yes Blue! I’ve been toying with eyeshadows and I really rather love it since I am reaping good results!! Check out my makeup today. I used L’Oreal Paris Open Eyes Chrome Intensity eyeshadow palette in AQUADISIAC! I got to say that the light blue and dark blue blends beautifully together. Here’s a vain shot of myself! :) But my dear readers, more than just showing you what I have on today, I have something great to give away!The great marketing…

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Imagination Takes Flight! Let's play with colours!

Who’s up for some intense, shimmering hues for your peepers??? Inspired by the striking colours of butterflies, L’Oreal Paris Open Eyes Chrome Intensity eyeshadow palettes are truly bold, bright and beautiful. Have you heard of it? Have you seen in stores? It’s just launched! Well, being the workaholic that I am, its been ages since I last hung out at the cosmetics corner at Watsons/Guardian. I’m lucky to be invited to launch of this great new product and I asked…

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The big bad corporate world

Why some senior managers are up there and I am not. Some senior manager (SSM): What (how many) jobs are you handling now?Me: Some shit jobsSSM: Oh I see. I seem to have quite a few only…Me: Ah… ok… *pretends to be interested* ** some random chit chat ** Me: So do you still play games with the bosses?SSM: Yup.Me: *thinking of joining in some time* What time do you guys usually play?SSM: When we’re done with work usually about…

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New company, New job, New…

NAMECARD! YES! This time round, my name card has an illustration of me on the front! How cool is that! You know I can’t show you everything on the namecard but here’s the illustration!! So so, look like me a not? :P I got to say my dear colleague made a very good drawing of my hair! :D! Speaking of which, I am proud and amazed to announce that this is my 2nd week at work and I have operated…

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**Belated Post** Bye bye comfortable hole! Hello new hole!

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