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New company, New job, New…

NAMECARD! YES! This time round, my name card has an illustration of me on the front! How cool is that! You know I can’t show you everything on the namecard but here’s the illustration!! So so, look like me a not? :P I got to say my dear colleague made a very good drawing of my hair! :D! Speaking of which, I am proud and amazed to announce that this is my 2nd week at work and I have operated…

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**Belated Post** Bye bye comfortable hole! Hello new hole!

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I am, apparently insecure.

Today’s my last day with my current company. I’ve only been here less than a year and I’m moving on again. It it with a mixture of regret and relief. This is why I quit. Take This Job And Shove It. I’m not as close as I would have liked to be with my current batch of colleagues. That is a pity. A regret. Sure we scream, and bitch and plan on doing a mass order of guns to shoot…

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Shame on De Beaute

Recently, I went to De Beaute Salon to sign up a facial package as a treat for myself. I saw their print advertisement on a promotion they were running and it looked rather attractive. But shame on De Beaute and I’m going to tell you why. They advertised $288 for 10x of Collagen Facial. That’s not too bad! So I thought I’ll be quite happy with this one and went down to their office with glee. But alas, the experience I…

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That DID NOT just happen!!

Or it friggin’ did! Civil Servants in the Public Sector have this personality trait that frustrates I got to tell you about my yesterday!! I went to submit a marketing and advertising proposal that my team and I have worked on. I arrived at this mailbox that I am supposed to put my package in. My package is 15cm thick and A3 sized. It couldnt go into the mailbox. Too thick. Fine. I call for help. Guy in charge of…

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