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Cartoons made my childhood awesome

So the other day, I was at Great World City (I know, who names a shopping centre like that?!) and then I bumped into Bananas in Pajamas!


Ok wait to understand how awesome this is, you have to first know what is Bananas in Pajames. For those who didn’t grow up in the awesome 90’s, you missed out yo. Big time.


Bananas in Pyjamas is an Australian children’s television show that premiered on 20 July 1992 on ABC. Ok wait, how come my boyfriend isn’t passionate about Bananas in Pyjamas since he grew up in the Australia?! I’m convinced he lived in a cave.

Anyhoo, I won’t go overboard and say it was a CRAZY awesome cartoon series but hey, it dominated Singapore’s TV screens in the 90’s so much that it became a part of my childhood.

The main characters are two humanoid bananas named B1 and B2 and their favourite phase in the show (ok fine, it’s my favourite as well) is “Are you thinking what I’m thinking B1?”

“I think I am B2!!” LOL. Cracks me up every time.

Other characters include three teddy bears named Amy, Lulu and Morgan, and Rat in a Hat.

And oh, their theme song? Irritating and unforgettable.

“Bananas, in pajames, are coming down the stairs… Bananas, in pajames are coming down in pairs… lalalala”

Ok before you think I’m bananas, just watch this once.

So anyhoo, after the late 90’s passed, nobody knows what Bananas in Pajames was anymore. While Tom and Jerry remained popular, kids went crazier over newer shows like Ben 10. Gone were the simple cartoons of the late 90’s.

I really missed the times when I watched:

Pinky and The Brain


It’s pinky… it’s pinky, it’s pinky and the brain brain brain brain brain!!!

I love this one v much! So what are we going to do tonight, Brain?

Same thing we do everynight, Pinky. Try to take over the world!

It’s pinky… it’s pinky, it’s pinky and the brain brain brain brain brain!!! Haha!

Magic School Bus


The Animaniacs


DarkWing Duck


Omg I can’t remember what this is about already but I know I enjoyed it! :P




And then when I came across a kiddy ride of Bananas in Pajames the other day, I was happy to find a fragment of my childhood. :)



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