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Can this be another Hello World post?

So my life’s been pretty fast-paced. The days are all jumbling up into one long stretch… I haven’t ran out of words or out of steam in this blog. I’ve just been really mad busy.

Yesterday was a blue Monday

It’s not healthy to keep thinking of work over the weekend. I tell you, I think I am a chronic worrrier. Haha! I had loads to accomplish and only so little time in a day.

I love and hate how deadlines are so unforgiving and so pushy.

Pushy pushy deadlines.

It is not procrastination I say!

I’ve been wanting to revamp my blog for the longest time. I need to. Its ugly, not user-friendly and not functional at all.

This is an irony since I pursue great looking and extremely functional websites in my career everyday.

And it has been 1 year since I lasted wanted a revamp. Has it really been that long already? It can’t be procrastination if I was too busy to even keep track of time right?

I want to move it move it.

Move what? The renovation of course!
After CNY, work only recently begun. I haven’t had time to post pictures yet but my kitchen cabinets and master bedroom wardrobe are both up!

My kitchen is my dream kitchen. I love it very very much! I shall take pics to show soon!

The MBR wardrobe… well, that one would take some time to love and get used to. What I am absolutely relieved about is that after all the carpentry went up, the house still feels ok. Not too cramped or small…. or maybe, being the flexible person that I am, my expectations have lowered to rock bottom in my pride for the house.

Hey man, I lived in Malaysia in my formative years. Malaysia where everybody lives in big houses! Then I come to Singapore and so many things changed. So many things are done differently.


#1: Risking my clothes’ life every time it’s time to dry.

Photo taken by me at my HDB flat. YUP.

Killer Littering!


Taken by Calvin Teo 2005

#2: Living in Pigeon holes


So much more lah. But I got to get back to work now. :/

Have a great one.


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  1. Anonymous
    March 31, 2010 / 1:23 am

    Singapore's HDB are quality, affordable housing. Its not pigeon holes!

  2. reanaclaire
    March 31, 2010 / 1:44 pm

    hi Ju Ann.long time no hear from u la.. hope u r getting on fine!

  3. Ju Ann
    March 31, 2010 / 3:32 pm


    hi reana!! :) yea been well :D