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Bridal Nails by Nails Etcetera

A well designed set of ` is the perfect complement to any bride’s look. It is a must-do in my humble opinion. And since it’s your big day, it’s ok to go a little over the top. Afterall, how often can you go over the top on a daily basis? I know I can’t.

It’s my wedding day and I needed my nails to be perfect. A good pair of well designed nail art will complement your rings and gown. I have experienced bad manicure before. Just really bad ones but this time around, it’s for my big day and of cos, I went back to Priscilla from Nails Etcetera who has delivered the best nail art so far. I trust that she’s the best choice for bridal nails.

Pris is one of the most detailed manicurist I’ve met. You’ll know what I mean when you let her do your nails.

Check out the bridal nails design she took 3 hours to carefully create:


I am very happy with my bridal nails. And because it’s so attention grabbing, I got heaps of people noticing it and giving positive comments about it. See my white gown was all glittery and so was my wedding band. Having this many diamonds on my bridal nails only further enhanced my ring and gown. It was so perfect!

bridal nails

She also put some solution to strenghten my nails so that they will last longer. :) Show you something special here:


See this was my thumb’s original nail. It broke. :( To do nice nail art, your nail needs to be as long as possible. So what Pris did for two of my fingers was gelish extensions! I have never done extensions before and she reassured me that they will feel as real as my own nails and they will be just as solid. Ta-dah!! These are the extended nails – those with a slight pink tone!


bridal nails

True enough, the extensions, my own nails and the nail art all lasted as promised.

I also gave her a challenge which was to help me ensure whatever design she does, to ensure that it all stays on well for at least 1 entire week as the wedding in Singapore and HongKong are one week apart. And it did.

I did the above set of bridal nails on 26th July. Check out how they look like now on 13th Aug! I am super impressed please. It’s still all stuck on very well and looking very new still! See I knew she was the right person for this job. :)

bridal nails


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