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Beware of timeshare scams in Singapore

I received a call from this lady named Linden (who has a name like that?!) from Travel Asia agency to attend a 1 hr presentation on ‘Travel Asia’ at Orchard Tower #04-24 and thereafter I’ll be given a FREE 4 star hotel stay and air tickets to 4d3n Thailand/Bali/Macau/HongKong travel package, organised by some tourism board.

The number she called me from was 67332495 and later on from her mobile at 81692279.

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Linden called me on a Tuesday and insisted that I need to come down to her office at Orchard Towers tomorrow. I am given this free NO STRINGS ATTACHED holiday package in return for sitting through 1 hour of their “gift redemption” process.

Check out the msgs above. If you even for one second put your guard down and let greed consumer common sense (everyone has some greed in them, me including if not I wouldn’t have this story to tell) then all of their cold calling tactics will work perfectly.

What they do to lure you in:

1) They play on exclusivity. You’ve won a prize and you are only one of the FEW privileged individuals to get it
2) No strings attached. They’ll explain why they need you for 1 hour of your time and what they’ll be telling you in this one hour.
3) If the caller has a local accent then one more brownie point to scam company! Since SG people now all hate FTs.
4) Very eager to give the prize away. They insist that the collection date has to be ASAP if not the prize will be given away
5) Be very open and willing to tell you their company name. But you will never find their official website except maybe websites/forums like mine trashing them.
6) Give you their name, contact and constant reminders on the “redemption date”

I believe the same timeshare scam company has evolved over the years and changed their company names many times over, but the stupid thing is, they didn’t change their office address! So if you search ‘Orchard Tower #04-24’, you’ll know what kind of a hell hole you’re getting into. You should read this link to see everyone sharing their own scam horror story.

In summary, I wouldn’t go to these places. Why?

1) Nothing is free in this world. You didn’t enter any contest, so why would they give you anything?
2) Hard Sales Talk. We’ve all sat through once or twice or too many times of these. It’s always tiring and grueling.
3) Is the free package really “Stringless”? Sure you can try going and waste 1-2 hours of your time listening to them for a free 4D3N package but what if you pay them the airport taxes after booking the package and they never revert? What if there are other hidden charges? What if, what if, what if. Why bother going through all that trouble and heartache? (Read this link to hear the trouble a guy went to just to claim his prize from a similar situation!)
4) Which company are you calling from again? A travel company with no official website and DARE say they are like Chan Brothers, CTC Travel and Dynasty Travel? REALLY?

In short, I don’t want to waste my time and be involved in something I’ll definitely get angry OVER.

When she called to remind me (again) to go (and bring your partner), I told her no I am not going. I was also angry for people who have had their time and money cheated by these people, so I said I won’t go cos it’s probably a timeshare thing with hard sales tactics. And the most  important is, “Travel Asia” has NO company website, and NOT listed on any directory.

Cna you believe her nerve of saying:

“I thought I told you yesterday that there is no strings attached and I thought you understand that we are not a timeshare thing?”

“You just come and you will see that we are a real company. You are entitled to your doubts but why don’t you just come and see for yourself?

And have my precious time wasted? Thanks but no thanks.

Here’s a long thread on HWZ. A must read: Timeshare scam awareness – don’t be the next victim.

You’ve been warned readers! :)


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