Being a woman

I used to think that being a woman is such a dread. We have periods, we are stereotyped, we are marginalised, we have to go through childbirth and the men always just seems to have it easier because of the way men are wired. That was in my teens.

Perm by Shunji Matsuo photo IMG_9057_zps919472d7.jpg

As I approach the big 3-0, I feel that being a woman holds so much more meaning and it is really pretty darn awesome. Women get to do some things that men will NEVER be able to do (be pregnant, give birth, breastfeed – if you have had a child, you would know why this is so, I get to be all feminine and go ooo-ahhh at all things girly, omg and play with makeup too!). And we really have it easier than men-in some aspects (the men do all the heavy carrying after a fruitful shopping session!).

Women years ago had it a lot harder than the women of today. Technology and advancing ideas and theories have given women more rights and privileges than what we had years ago. And I’m so thankful for that!

This post is a tribute to all women out there, let’s be thankful for our gender! 🙂 Happy International Woman’s Month!