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Beijing Roast Duck

I recommend you eat good food!! When you join a tour in Beijing, the tour groups will usually bring you to this place called Quan Ju De Roast Duck. But I can guarantee you that that’s not the best.

Here, I let you in on the best. Really.

*drums rolls*

(Da Tong Roasted Duck Restaurant)

Let me show you what I had there!

Dish #1: Braised Pigeon. Ooooo yummy. If we didn’t order too much food, I would have enjoyed this more. The skin is very tasty, very nicely marinated. It looks big here, but the portion is actually quite small. Not a must try at this place.

Dish #2: Stir Fried Dou Miao. This you MUST try. You must you must. It’s so very very refreshing! It’s not oily, it’s not soggy – it’s perfect! How to tell you how nice it is? Go try if you’re ever at Beijing!!
Dish #4: Braised Brinjal. This is also very the nice. Very. Nice. The Stir Fried Dou Miao is nicer but this comes very close. The brinjal is cooked to perfection – a very soft melt in your mouth kind! Wa damn nice! Blogging about this makes me want to eat it again. Now!

Dish #5: Beijing Roast Duck. This was what I came here for. I ordered a whole duck and they sliced the duck right in front of me! I was too busy watching and I forgot to take pictures! Anyhow, this is it. The famous Beijing Roast Duck. It’s looking really shiny here! This is way good. I don’t even think this photo does the taste much justice. Look at how I eat it.

Step 1: Take a piece of duck and duck skin, dip it into the sweet sauce that is provided and put it onto the “popiah-looking” skin. It’s called He Ye skin in chinese. Now gather some of the provided slices of cucumber, radish, a tiny bit of garlic and put it all together onto the skin.

Step 2: Roll is up cutely. *salivates*

Step 3: EAT!!!! Check how nice it looks like inside!! Oh yummylicious. How how I want to go back to Beijing now!!

Last but not the least: The fruit platter. Complimentary! I tell you the service is damn good. We had so many things complimentary! This fruit platter, a hot dessert, and free flow of “popiah-skin” and the other “ingredients” required to make my little Roasted Duck Roll.

I *heart* this place kao kao! For all of the above, it costed me RMB 300 which is about SGD60. Not cheap but very, very good food. Beijing Roast Duck was never cheap. One duck is RMB150 with free flow of all the ingredients you need to make the “Duck Roll”. So it’s quite okay. RMB 150 is about SGD30.

Ok la, I know I have been missing the all important information here. THE ADDRESS! Here it is!

(Dong Cheng Qu Dong Si Shi Tiao Jia 22 Hao Nan Xin Chang Guo Ji Da Sha 1st and 2nd Floor)

Tip: This is near Dong Si Shi Tiao subway station/you can take a cab there! Cabs are inexpensive in China.


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