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Baby Scan: Week 16 pregnancy gender reveal

We were real excited to meet Dr Tham. It’s time for Week 16 pregnancy update and also, time to tell the gender of Baby Bean. I woke up all excited and told Baby Bean to please allow us to see if you’re a little boy or girl. We’re both hoping he’s a boy.

We had our parents from both sides with us at this “mega” appointment with Dr Tham. He was so nice to welcome all 6 of us into his room.

And the results?


Week 16 pregnancy

It’s a BOY!

How did time pass so fast. Last I took Baby Bump photos was Week 12 and since then my tummy has popped out a little more! Please ignore the mess around me. You’ll see Baby Bean reaching out a little more! :)

Week 16 pregnancy

Weight Gain so far: 2kg
Baby’s Weight till Date: 0.16g
Baby’s Age at Scan: Week 16
Symptoms: Nil. Feeling GREAT! :)

Stay tuned to more posts on my pregnancy update here!


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