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Baby Bump: Week 24 Pregnancy Update

I go to Dr Tham, my gynae, once a month. So from my Week 12, Week 16, Week 21 and now Week 24 pregnancy update, time’s been flying by real quickly.

My visit to Dr Tham this week was BAD. He announced that my crazy weight gain within a month is too much (4kg) and that I need to control my diet (because of my condition). I admit, I have been having too much carbs, and enjoying too many scoops of ice cream. I will quit. I will. :(

And to think how I operate best is if you give me freedom and I control myself. But if you control me, all the more I will tend to crave for whatever you said not to eat! :(

It’s going to be a difficult 4 weeks before I next see him. I hope my weight doesn’t balloon again :(

Let’s check out my Baby Bean!

pregnancy update

Weight Gain so far: 8kg
Baby’s Weight till Date: 0.64g
Baby’s Age at Scan: Week 23
Symptoms: Muscle stretching under the belly when I walk sometimes.

Stay tuned to more pregnancy update here.


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  1. anon
    November 11, 2013 / 2:41 pm

    Week 21 you gained 4kg. Now you mention you gain another 4kg in one month. It shud be 8kg total weight gain not 6kg rite? Readers like me very confused.

  2. Ju Ann
    November 20, 2013 / 12:33 am

    Opps my total weight gain at till week 24 is 8kg! Thanks for pointing out the typo!