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Baby Bump: Week 21 Pregnancy Update

Week 21 pregnancy update – It’s been quite a breeze of a pregnancy so far. I feel like my usual self with all of my usual energy. The only thing bothering me mostly is how bulky I have become so quickly after Week 20. It’s like a sudden surge of growth!

Anyhoo, at this stage of the pregnancy, I do have some twinges and aches in my lower abdominal area. I read in my Baby Book that these aches are virtually felt by every woman at this stage of pregnancy as the ligaments supporting our enlarging uterus are being put under enormous strain.

If these aches become regular or your abdomen is tender when touched, do call your gynae to see if you’re alright.

The frequent peeing persists still. I feel like I always need the toilet but when I do go, there isn’t always a lot of urine. That’s cool. I know Baby Bean is resting on my urine tract.

I’m still trying to keep a healthy, balanced intake of food but my cravings for ice cream is sometimes simply too much to bear and then I indulge.

Thank goodness I am still not eating fried food.

I wonder what other food cravings other pregnant mummies have :)

Here’s my Week 20 Baby Bump photo. He’s showing a little more now. :)

pregnancy update

Weight Gain so far: 4kg
Symptoms: Twinges and aches in my lower abdominal area.

Stay tuned to more posts on my pregnancy update here!


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