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Fight & Prevent The Signs Of Aging With This Anti-Aging Laser Treatment

I’m sooo excited! I’m going to be heading to Niks Maple Laser Clinic at Orchard Central to check out their Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment which is an anti-aging laser treatment that will help to fight & prevent the signs of aging.

I do a lot to keep in shape and to care for my skin. But every now and then, besides the exercising and the skincare products that I use, I’d go for a little helpful anti-aging boost like the Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment

niks maple laser treatment

So excited!

Clear + Brilliant Anti-Aging Laser Treatment

Clear + Brilliant is a revolutionary, gentle laser skin care treatment, clinically proven to fight the effects of aging skin.

Niks Maple Clinic

More about Clear + Brillant Laser here. Niks Maple is an integrated medical skin care provider incorporating medical clinics, skin care products and facial treatment services under one roof. I went to their Orchard Central outlet to get this anti-aging laser treatment done.

Niks Maple Clinic

Dr Lau (middle) is one of the doctors under Niks Maple’s roster. A graduate from Faculty of Medicine at the National University of Singapore (MBBS, 2000), he is an aesthetic and senior family physician offering services that include management of various medical skin condition and aesthetic problems. Dr Lau also specialises in the procedures such as Fractional laser resurfacing, Pigment Laser, Clear + Brilliant Laser, Liposonix and others.

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Treatment Procedure

First of all, Dr Lau applied some numbing cream all over my face. I laughed about how funny I looked with numbing cream all over my face but I later appreciated having my face numbed so that the Clear + Brilliant Laser can work it’s magic more effectively.

Anti-Aging Laser Treatment

Dr Lau ran this device all over my face and because my face was numb, I felt little to no discomfort throughout the entire 15 min treatment. I was well informed by the clinic assistants to expect redness all over my face and a sandy texture over the next 2-3 days till the surface of dead skin cells falls off. :)

Anti-Aging Laser Treatment

True enough, my skin was reddish (as seen above) and looked like I got sunburnt. This lasted one day. Over the next few days, my skin did feel sandy to the touch but once it all cleared (about 6 days later), my skin was positively glowing. It was very wow. It felt like I just resurfaced my face as it felt smooth to touch too! :) <3

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review brought to you in partnership with Niks Maple Clinic. 


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