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A Wedding Favor Booth At The Wedding!

How many of you have received boring wedding favors at weddings that you throw away soon after? I know I have. I decided to research and go for a wedding favor gift that guests would find practical.

I’ve received wedding favours like wine / bottle / letter openers, to shot glasses to playing cards, chopsticks, potpourri, luggage tags, salt and pepper shakers, and the list goes on. I have never really used any wedding favours that I’ve received before as well!

We searched for wedding favours, looking for something useful, and something meaningful. And I found Do Me A Favor.

Here’s what I really liked about them:

1. All their products come with customized labels of couple’s names.
2. All the designs are done by their in house design team, no need to worry!
4. We are using the organic lollipops, bonne maman jam and honey made in France, and popcorn from a Singapore factory – good quality? CHECK!
5. Do Me A Favor is started because they wanted to change the favor landscape of Singapore, ie, no more boring, ugly and ‘throwable’ favors.
6. We have started business over a year and are rapidly expanding thanks to the strong support of customers.

For our wedding we wanted it to be special, just like all other parts of our wedding.

It was awesome finding Do Me A Favor, and really out of sheer luck. They are based in Singapore and are the providers of unique and beautiful wedding favours that guests will love to keep.

Their strong team of in-house designers which can help you customise the favours too! :) Anyhoo, check out the setup they did for me at my wedding!

My Wedding Favor Booth

Wedding Favor

Wedding Favor

wedding favor

It was super impressive. They provided the props, the signs, the fresh flowers and the stand. I love how pretty our entire collection looked!

They have a HUGE selection like:

– Bottles of Smarties
– Jars of Jam & Honey
– Candies
– Lollipops
– Hershey Kisses
– Mentos
– Popcorn, and so much more!

It took me such a longggg time to decide what exactly we wanted! We had 100 guests and ordered 100 favours. Super LOVE. The actual bottles turn up looking even more impressive than I expected! Check it out here:

wedding favor

It’s actually quite sad (in a good kind of way)! The favours ran out so quickly that I didn’t manage to get any for myself! :( I only got these 3 above that my mom took! :P

Unlike how some other wedding service providers may do it, I like how subtle DoMeAFavor’s branding is:

wedding favor

M&Ms! You cannot go wrong with M&Ms! It was a popular favourite among all.

wedding favor


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