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Must Read: A Useful Guide to Diaper Sizes in Singapore

I’m a new parent and it is RIDICULOUS how difficult it is to buy diapers that fit my fast-growing newborn! Like most parents, my diaper buying experience is one that is expensive, and full of trial and error. Yes, there are samples you can request for but they take so long to come, usually only let you try one size and some don’t even arrive. :(

After buying a few brands in the market, I have finally found the perfect one for my baby and better still, I kept 1 pc of every brand I bought just to show you the comparison in size and cutting. I hope this post will help you narrow down your “adventure” in buying diapers and answer questions like “what size should I buy!”

Ok, first off, my trial and error was performed on Daniel, so it’s cool to note that he is currently 5kg now. All diaper brands give you a size chart based on weight and we all know it’s not accurate because the cutting is simply NOT same across the brands! Here’s the size chart of all the sizes & brands I am talking about in this post for easy reference:

Diapers Size Chart 
Brand Goo.n Goo.n Mamypoko Mamypoko Pureen Drypers Huggies Red Huggies Green
Size NB S S M S S M NB
Weight 0-5 kg 4-8 kg 3-8 kg 6-11 kg 3-7 kg 3-8 kg 5-10 kg Up to 5kg

I review brands like Drypers, Pureen, Mamypoko, Huggies, and Goo.n. Now, let’s dive right in.

Diaper Review Singapore photo Diapers4_zpseaf71ff9.png

As seen above, you will note that:

❥ Drypers S Size & Pureen S Size are of the same cutting
❥ Pampers S Size is short in width and long in height, very different from the other brands discussed here
❥ Mamypoko S Size & Goo.N NB Size are of the same cutting

At 1 month old, from 2.89kg at birth to 4kg, Daniel wore Huggies (green) NB size. Fit him well till he hit the 4kg mark. Then we changed him to Huggies (red colour) M size and it was oddly leaky which meant that it’s a little too small for him too.

At 5kg now, he fits Mamypoko S Size perfectly with lots more room to grow into. Since Mamypoko S Size is same as Goo.n NB Size, Daniel will fit Goo.n NB Size perfectly too.

 photo diapers002_zps6b8830a7.png

A close look at comparing all the S sizes and Goo.n NB size here. Pureen has the same width as Pampers. Goo.n’s cutting is wider.

Diaper Review Singapore photo Diapers3_zps04c1c69d.png

You can see from above that Dypers S Size and Pureen S Size are exactly the same in cutting, and Mamypoko S Size and Goo.n NB Size are exactly the same.

Out of all these, Mamypoko is the best. It keeps Daniel dry throughout the whole night. Pureen is terrible. I used it twice and both times, it leaked – both pee and poo. Luckily the one I bought is a small pack. >.<

My choice for Daniel for now is Mamypoko S Size for night time and Goo.n NB Size for day time because Mamypoko is super absorbent and more expensive. Goon.N is just good as well and it’s cheaper.

Diapers Review Singapore photo Diapers4png001_zps146bab7e.png

Here’s a closer look at how the NB-M Sizes for Mamypoko and Goo.n goes. :) Do note that Goo.n has the same cutting as Mamypoko one size down.

At 5kg, Mamypoko M Size and Goo.n S Size is WAY TOO BIG for him. I’m sure he’ll grow into it real soon. :)

I hope this helps you somehow! I look forward to reviewing more brands and sizes as time goes by. :)


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