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A letter to all who are sending me shit about Parenting

Dear theasianparent.com,

I think, I had about enough. Why did you start sending me so many “irrelevant” edm contents to me recently?

Is it because you think I am old and I need to be already married and having kids already?!!??!!?!?

*Unreasonable rant*

I insist it’s irrelevant because I’m not married nor do I have kids so why are you sending me so much information on parenting?

I don’t know how you got my email. But even if you did get my email address because I gave it to you (for god knows why), it must have been awhile ago and you started sending me all these only since this year, when I’m 27… (actually 26 going on 27)………!!

I may be too sensitive but, seriously, 27 and I’m supposed to have kids already?

Breastfeeding, recently gave birth, meet other mums, dads welcomed…. Oh My God. What’s going on here?!

I will be a parent and have my own kids in time but this, this email is too soon and too… disturbing. So pressurizing!!

So while I appreciate all that information, I’m going to unsubscribe and hope I will not hear from you again. Till your content becomes relevant (omg, it will be relevant one day soon right?!).

Yours Sincerely,

Edited 18th March, 10.30am


P.s.: For those who don’t know, this is just a post that’s meant to poke a little fun at myself, so don’t take it so seriously! I have nothing against theasianparent.com.

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