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A great day is one with obedient neat hair!

Remember my last post about achieving curls without fuss? I use the VERY SAME Panasonic device to straighten my hair this time. And to very satisfactory results too!!

Panasonic Hair Curler

For straightening, use the Panasonic Multi-Styling Straightener with the straightener attachment.

Panasonic Multi-Styler Review photo 4_zps7bcea635.jpg

Here we go!

This is my unkempt hair that I wake up to and have the entire day:

Panasonic Multi-Styler Review photo 1_zpsda2a8bc6.jpg

It is very messy. :(

Panasonic Multi-Styler Review photo 2_zps3489ed80.jpg

But what I do sometimes is I spend just 10mins in the morning using the Panasonic Multi-Styling Straightener to straighten it all out.

What I LOVE about this device: 

♥ Heats up super fast! I hate waiting foreverrr for the device to heat up and this heats up super fast. Me likes.
♥ My hair does not look or feel burnt after using. Sometimes straighteners can be very damaging on your skin. Do apply a layer of leave in treatment to coat your hair before using these heat devices! :)
♥ Hair is very smooth and shiny after using.

Panasonic Multi-Styler Review photo 3_zps956c478e.jpg

Yup this is definitely a lot neater. And it takes so little effort to achieve this! <3

Panasonic Multi-Styler Review photo 5_zpse78f1af2.jpg


Panasonic Multi-Styling Straightener
Model number: EH-HW58
• 5 Attachments for straightening and curling
• Quick heat up
• Photo ceramic coated plates
• Universal voltage
• 5 Temperature settings

More product info here.

Panasonic Singapore’s on Facebook. Join them! :)


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