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6 weeks in Obagi Toning Treatment

If you didn’t already know, my mom has been on the Obagi Toning Treatment with Dr David Loh Surgery for the past 6 weeks already. Till date, she has been using ONLY Obagi products and went through 3 rounds of Laser Genesis.

Here are the before & after photos!


She has become fairer overall (but not as much as what you see in the two photos below).

Obagi PigmentationObagi toning photo week6_zps659df36a.jpg


I don’t need to say much since the improvement in the photos below speak for themselves. Needless to say, my mom is super happy with this.

Obagi Toning photo SAM_0097_zps96acac5c.jpg


The pigmentations on the right side of her cheek has also made great improvements, disappearing into almost nothing. ^^

Obagi toning photo week036_zps6faa5802.jpg

Stayed tuned here as I check in with her and her results over the next couple of weeks. :)

As for me, I have done 6 weeks of Obagi Toning and I am LOVING the results. My skin has become fairer, pores are significantly smaller, and best of all, my skin surface has become a lot smoother.  Read about my experience here.


For more information about Obagi, check out their informative website! If you have heaps of questions about this, you can either comment here, ask me on Facebook here, or check out Obagi’s FAQ! This is also a great read I found written by my doctor, Dr KJ Wong on Obagi Toning.


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