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4D Excitement at Sentosa 4D Adventureland

Fans of 4D movies, listen up! Sentosa just officially launched their new 4D movie, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island!

Sentosa 4D Adventureland photo sentosa-4d-magix-740_zpsf38b1cee.jpg

In Sentosa’s Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Sean decodes a signal that points him to the elusive ‘Mysterious Island’, a place few have seen. Or lived to tell about. Join Sean and the stars of ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ as they embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure.

I’ve watched the one at Universal Studios Singapore previously, Shrek 4-D, and really liked that one. This would be the second 4D show I’ve watched and it’s about an exciting journey to the Mysterious Island. It features not only 3D graphics, this experience also includes the various wind, bubbles, scent, rocking chairs and spidery friends from your feet to tickle your every sense.

It was short and exciting! The BF and I really enjoyed it!

Besides the Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, there’s also other 4D things to do in Adventureland!

Sentosa 4D Adventureland photo sentosa4DAdventureland_zps01478f48.png

I tried the Desperados, an Interactive 4D Shoot-Out Game. It is a cowboy shooting “game” where you ride on a horse (which rocks) and you have a gun where you can shoot at the screen! At the end of the short 5 min game, your points will be tabulated and shown to everyone in the same theatre! It’s pretty fun. I got 245 points! :)

Sentosa 4D Adventureland photo 3D_interactive_shoot_out_now_at_Sentosa_4D_Magix_CineBlast-topImage_zpscb343683.jpg

Next is the Extreme Log Ride, which is a 4D Simulation Ride. You will be “riding” on a log and taken on the log’s experience as it goes through the island. Very bumpy with amazing kickass rollercoasters! Lots of screaming around.

Sentosa 4D Adventureland photo sentosa-4d-theater-extreme-log-ride-091_zps37a2384f.jpg

Visit www.4DAdventureLand.com.sg for more information! :)


One-Day Adventure Pass
– Journey 2: The Mysterious Island The 4-D Experience
– Extreme Log Ride, 4D Simulation Ride
– Desperados, Interactive 4D Shoot-Out Game

S$ 38.90 Adult
S$ 26.90 Child (3-12 years old)


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