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1st Year Birthday Baby Photo Shoot Ideas

Daniel is turning 1 so soon. I can’t believe I’ve been a mom for 1 year already. Time flies and never before in my entire life have I wished for time to go by slower than in the last year. I am going to mark this significant milestone with a baby photo shoot! Here are some baby photo shoot ideas that I am toying around with now!

#throwback on when I was preggars


#throwback on when Daniel was just 7 days old

And fast forward to 1 year old, it’s time for another photoshoot to commemorate my little man’s first birthday.

I engaged Era from Cottony Photography for my maternity and newborn shoots and I’m going to be go back to working with her again for this to make it extra special :). Ideally I want a photo that allows Daniel to celebrate his very own birthday in a very hands-on way. The birthday party, let’s be honest, is for the adults. So I would like to let Daniel have a little session of his own, and… let him handle his very own birthday cake the way he wants it!

After all, you only turn 1 once, right?

Well after some discussions for baby photo shoot ideas, Era suggested a brilliant idea!

A Baby Cake Smash Photoshoot

It’s messy, it’s hands-on and it’s going to be helluva lot of fun! Check out some of these inspiration ideas!

Follow Ng’s board Cake Smash – Photoshoot ideas for baby on Pinterest.

The look that Era and I decided on is this:

Baby cake smashPhoto credit goes to www.cp-photography.net

I really can’t think of a better way for my little sweetheart to enjoy his birthday than for him to enjoy his very own birthday cake. This will be the very first time he tastes something sweet and we’re going to capture it on camera!

I have been feeding him plain and healthy food for almost a year now and to introduce something sweet to him is a mega leap of faith for me.

At the time of shoot he will be about 11 months + and we haven’t really introduced eggs to him so I will have to find vendors who will avoid chocolate and eggs in their recipe.

In fact, as I do more and more research on it, I am thinking maybe I should make my own cake for him – just so I know what goes into the cake! Here are some recipes which I found:

– Whole Grain Carrot Cake which looks pretty healthy, but so many ingredients are needed! *sweat*
Betty Crocker Simple Cake: very easy but I’m not too sure about it being the most healthy!
Eggless Cake: I like how healthy this is. Gonne try this one out first!! :)
Healthy Smash Cake: This is another healthy option. I’m going to try this out if the one above doesn’t work out.

It’s going to be so fun trying! Update again soon :) If I fail, I’m going to have to buy one. Do you have any other ideas for a baby photo shoot?

Update: Check out the Baby Cake Smash shoot we did!!


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